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“For many years I’ve been a very busy business man working long hours at a high paced, stressful job. When I was younger I had the energy for my busy lifestyle. However, as I aged, fatigue set in and I began gaining weight, loosing muscle, and experienced increased difficulties staying focused and concentrating. This became more and more frustrating as I could not find an answer; these issues began to affect my health, work, family and social life. I started to think that this was just part of getting older, and I’d have to get used to feeling like this. Then, thankfully, I came across Denver Hormone Health Clinics and their pellet therapy. Dr. Goldstein and his staff took the time to listen to my concerns and develop a treatment plan based on my specific needs. Within a short period of time I noticed drastic changes in my energy levels, workouts and libido along with increased focused and work productivity. Within 18 months from starting hormone replacement therapy I lost 25 lbs and went from having 25 to 18 percent body fat! Thanks to Denver Hormone Health Clinics I have now gained “vitality” back in my life and feel like I did when I was younger. I would absolutely recommend Denver Hormone Health Clinics to anyone experiencing similar symptoms.”

Dave Denver CO

“I am a 70 year old male, who has had several serious medical conditions during my lifetime. These include a cancer diagnosis, the loss of my left kidney, an abdominal aneurysm, and a heart attack in 2012. After going through all of this, it truly seemed to me that I would never regain my strength, endurance and quality of life. Then I heard about Denver Hormone Health Clinics and had a professional consultation with Dr. Stephen Goldstein who, along with his highly qualified assistant Ms. Debbie Brinkman, ordered an extensive blood test. The results revealed that I had very low levels of several hormones and was also lacking essentials vitamins. They suggested pellet therapy and performed a procedure with pellets that were custom made for my body chemistry. Within a short amount of time I began to notice how much better I was feeling. I now feel just like I did when I was in my 50′s. I am now able to work a full night shift and play 9 holes of gold (walking) 5 days a week! I am very grateful to them for all they have done and continue to do for me. I highly recommend Denver Hormone Health Clinics to men and women of all ages.”

Sincerely D.P. Casper WY

“Having read about, and inquiring into BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY, I called Denver Hormone Health Clinics. I consulted with Dr. Stephan Goldstein M.D. and Ms. Debbie Brinkman. I am 75 years old female who went through menopause around the age of 44. Since then I have experienced many side effects related to low hormone levels. They conducted a thorough physical exam, and an extensive blood test, to determine my personal levels. My test results indicated that I was hormone deficient and as a result, I was given the bio identical pellets injection, which was relatively painless. I was also prescribed compounded prescriptions, which I needed to maintain normal hormone levels. In approximately 2 days I noticed a remarkable change in my energy levels; better than I have had in at least 5 years. In a very short amount of time I felt my depression, mood swings, and dry skin improve considerably. This new treatment was done in a professional and pleasant manner. I personally and highly recommend Denver Hormone Health Clinics to anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life, and health, regardless of age or gender.”

Sincerely, M.Pardue Casper WY